Teeth can be damaged in many ways including; cavities, fracture, acid erosion ginding/bruxism, trauma, cracks, and abrasion.  A cavity (also known as dental caries or tooth decay) is an infection caused by bacteria that release acid that demineralizes and destroys the tooth structure. Usually, there are no symptoms from a cavity until the decay has reached the nerve in which case the tooth will need a root canal  or an extraction. For this reason, it is very important to visit your dentist regularly to identify early tooth decay. If identified early, the treatment is much more simple and inexpensive. Fractures and cracks can be a result of natural wear, trauma, clenching and grinding. You should always avoid chewing ice as the sudden temperature change contributes to fracture. Acid erosion can be a result of acid foods and beverages like soda and citrus. Exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water and gastric reflux can also cause acid erosion of teeth. Improper brushing technique can lead to wearing away enamel as well ( Abrasion ). Our hygiene team can teach you how to use your toothbrush correctly to fight dental decay without causing abrasion. Smokeless tobacco (chew) can also cause damage to enamel.

Dental Fillings are placed to restore the tooth and re-establish good function and integrity. A filling is done in a two step process. First, the damaged tooth structure is removed and the tooth is prepared to receive the filling. Next, a restoration is placed in the tooth.  The most common restorative materials are composite (white fillings) and amalgam (silver fillings).

Silver Fillings (Amalgam) is made from an alloy of metals. Amalgam has been used for filling since the 1800's.  For many years, amalgam was the dental restorative material of choice due to its low cost, ease of application, strength, and durability.  In recent years, the use of amalgam or silver fillings has declined due to concerns relating to aesthetics,  health, and the availability of improved, reliable, composite (white) materials. Amalgam is made from an alloy of materials.

White Fillings (composite fillings) are synthetic resins. These cosmetic fillings allow us to fill a cavity with a substance that will match the tooth color. The composite resin is bonded to the tooth and can be molded, sculpted, and polished to restore the original tooth shape or used to alter the shape of the tooth create a more functional shape or aestheticly pleasing appearance.

Fillings are a safe, affordable, and attractive solution for many dental problems.

Let us restore your smile!

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